Intelliarts is a software development company established in 1999, in Lviv, Ukraine. We establish and run dedicated development teams which help startups and technology companies worldwide to create great software products. At the moment 90% of our work is long-term (3+ years) projects.

We value solid engineering approach, so that good engineering practices is an integral part of our work. Here you won’t need to convince your team lead to start writing unit tests or set up continuous integration server. You won’t be exhausted by adding endless workarounds instead of spending a few hours to refactor the code that "screams" to be refactored.

We are supporting healthy agile environment. Teams have a lot of autonomy and power to make decisions. Only engineers are responsible for estimates, so the only reason to overtime is your passion about software engineering, which drives you to make your code (and the world) a little bit better. :)