We are looking for a Software Engineer to join our team that builds an IoT product for railway companies. It enables remote hardware monitoring and controlling, data visualization and analysis, repair and maintenance scheduling for trains.

The product is based on the open-source solution (you can check it at thingsboard.io). At the MVP stage, we extend the existing system through API, custom UI widgets, and some back-end changes. Moving forward the goal is to rewrite the UI part of the solution from scratch, and significantly extend the back-end.

Ideally we are looking for someone who has experience working with 2-3 front-end frameworks and can architect a single page applications with complex UI (dashboards+extensible widgets framework).


• 2-5 years of experience in software development

• 2+ years experience in JavaScript development (using Angular.js, React.js or other framework)

• Excellent understanding of the OO and functional programming paradigms

• Solid background in computer science and programming

• Strong background in databases and networks

• At least intermediate English


• Good understanding of test-driven development/test automation

• Back-end development experience (Java, Go, Rust)

• Being a Linux power user