We are extending a team for the U.S. based startup. The product is an IoT solution which helps people to protect their valuable stuff sensitive to external conditions like temperature and humidity (wines/cigars collection, firearms, musical instruments, etc). It involves hardware sensors, mobile applications and cloud-based SaaS.
We have a distributed (USA + Ukraine) team. The product we work on is a framework which extremely simplifies creation of the custom branded mobile applications able to interact with sensors, cloud facilities and carry all the protection behaviour. We need an engineer who will help us to extend the Android version of the framework and create new applications. Ideally, you have iOS experience as well, so you can help with that part too.


• 1-3 years of experience in software development
• 1+ years experience in Android development
• Excellent understanding of the OO and functional programming paradigms
• Solid background in computer science and programming
• Good understanding of databases and networks
• At least intermediate English


• Good understanding of test-driven development/test automation
• Experience working with iOS platform
• Being a Linux power user